Giving Back Starts With You

2016-2017 Organizations: The Why's of the year

We are bringing together women in order to rise above our competitive instincts and make a difference in the world we all live in.


The Cuffs That Started It All

Within each piece there is a 'Y' present. Whether it is less apparent, or more obvious, the 'Y' in each piece serves as a reminder of which organization YOU chose to benefit, as well as a source of motivation to work for YOUR personal Why.

Every piece of jewelry from What’s Your Why features a symbolic “Y” in the piece to represent the company’s mission to empower and inspire women to find their passion, by way of fashion. Every year, four charities are selected based on customer feedback, so your “why” could be the next cause to receive donations from this uplifting, free-spirited brand.
— CookingLight Magazine
‘Your “why” is something every woman has,” said Stevens. “it is the source of [your] motivation. The woman has a responsibility of holding the family together and we wanted to provide inspiration and value in their ‘why.’
— Odyssey Online
The girls who created the company want their jewelry to remind women of their why. If you gift one of their pieces this season, encourage your friend to be reminded of why she does her work every time she wears it. She’ll appreciate it every day!

Take Action

Want to get involved? Write in to tell us Your Why: causes you would like to see us give back to, and products you would like to see us add to the line.

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