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How to Make a Display That Moves More Product - Jewelry Display Ideas for Holiday Markets

Tis the season to attend markets - whether it’s at a local shop or at a much larger scale, markets can be a great way to build local buzz about your brand, and sell your products! While these events can be so much fun, you often have a lot of competition around you for prospective customers to choose from. For this reason alone how you build your display is super important.


The following tips and tricks have been put together through many years of experience of attending these holiday shows and trying out what works best!


Lighting is Key - While it may sound silly, I have always requested to be in the best lighting possible from the hosts of markets. Often times these venues can be tight, and where you are located within the space is very important to draw attention. A dimly lit corner can leave you out of the customer’s view and cause them to skip over you. Adversely, a spotlight with light display pieces can really draw people in. If the venue cannot guarantee lighting, or has limited options to begin with, consider bringing a freestanding lamp or spotlight.


Keep It Simple - I live by the rule that your product and your story should speak for itself. Overwhelming a small table with lots of decorations or distractions can really take away from what you are trying to communicate. There is nothing worse than a customer falling in love with a decoration on your table, and you having to explain that it is not for sale. Using white tablecloths and simple displays to showcase your pieces can go a long way to keep the focus on what’s most important - the product!


Bring Plenty of Cards - As we talked about earlier, there is a lot of competition for business at most holiday markets. A good rule of thumb when setting an expectation for these events is that you are there to spread the word about your brand - anything you sell is a bonus. Handing out take home information about your story can leave a lasting impression, and even cause them to loop back around to your table. I would encourage you to go one step further in the process and ask the customer for their card or information as well- you are there to build a relationship and it is a great opportunity to build your lead list to follow up on.


Clearly Display Your Story and Prices - Depending on the size of the market, there may be times where there’s too many people at the table to explain your story to each one - this is a great thing! The more people exploring what you have to offer the better. The only downside is that you will not be able to explain your heart felt story of how you got started, and what each piece goes for, to each and every person. Make sure to display a clear and concise version of your story with pricing for the pieces. That way your customers can make an educated decision while you are busy networking.


Make It Interactive - The most fun table at a market is one that gets you involved. Whether it be an Instragram contest, a game for the guests, or simply a moving aspect to your display, your guests will be way more apt to buy in they feel involved in the process. Take the time to brainstorm ideas for an interactive aspect that makes sense for your brand and product. Test different ones at each event to see which one goes over best. Ask for feedback about it from your guests. They’ll love to get involved, and you’ll move more product!


Be Festive and Have Fun - Overall, these are very social events. Make sure to put on a festive outfit, stand up at the table, and engage with people as they’re shopping. It’s so important to enjoy these events because they tend to be very long and exhausting. A positive attitude and some holiday cheer goes a long way in winning over hearts!