What’s Your Why was started in 2015 because of an unwavering need to find a way to give back to others on a grander scale.  With humble beginnings in the customizable jewelry business, the team at What’s Your Why found that in order to give back to all of the causes that they wanted to give back to, they needed to produce at a larger scale. The one issue was how to choose which cause – or which ‘Why’- to benefit. While trying to develop the new brand, focused around the idea of giving back, the team kept returning to their inspiration: wanting to make an impact on the issues that women and children face. Focusing on why the team wanted to start a new brand helped them brainstorm ideas for tag lines and concepts.  That is WHY they chose What’s Your Why. They want to build a brand that combines fashion with passion – using the influential fashion industry for the greater good

Thus the Why concept was born – What’s Your Why is about the two sides of every purchase:

When a woman wears one of the pieces, they are reminded of their why- why they purchased this product, and which cause they chose to support. However, it is a lot more than that- it is a reminder of their own personal why: Why they do what they do; who and what they are working for. In this way the team is able to accomplish their goal of empowering, inspiring, and connecting women everywhere through their stories of why they do what they do.



 Together we are working to impact these main issues on a local and national level.

During our 2017-2018 Give Back Year our Why's are as follows: World Dental Relief, Random Acts, Step Up Women's Network, and Circle of Sisterhood.

We are so empowered to help raise awareness and fight for each one. To learn more about these fantastic organizations and what they do, click on their logos below.

2017-2018 Organizations: Our Why's of the year

What's Your Why?

We want to know what organizations or Why's are important to you! If you have an organization you would like to be considered for the 2016-2017 Give Back Year, please fill out the form below and one of our staff members will get back to you to learn more and help make your Why our Why!

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