Arian Simone, GA

When asked her Why of creating her Fearless Queens Mentoring Program, Arian replied,

"In all honesty, initially this was not something I wanted to do. I get stopped all the time by people asking me to mentor them and I say no because I know my schedule, and I take the time commitment of mentorship seriously. Then one day after a speaking engagement, a young lady by the name of Dasia approached me for mentorship. This happens quite often and again due to the time commitment I would have normally declined. I asked her was she willing to invest in herself? She said yes. So Instead of just directing her to my one on one session, which is $250/hour, after speaking to her she motivated me to come up with a cost effective group plan that would be for $100 each month that would include women coming together in a group session. Once we started the program and I witnessed the amazing testimonies, accomplishments and transformations that were happening in the lives of the women who signed up, they requested that I continue it. So the task weighed heavy on heart. I then asked myself “Arian Simone who are you to hold back on blessing all these people?”  So I knew it was my duty to continue. To Whom Much Is Given Much Is Required"

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